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Estimation, Part 3: The Art and Science of Predicting The Future With 100% Accuracy Using Only Guesswork and Microsoft Excel.

So. After several pages of whinge and a few more pages of groan on the subject of Software Project Estimation, the case has been vehemently made for adopting the following basic axioms and rules of conduct: If nobody is forcing … Continue reading

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Estimation, Part 2: How Bloody Much, or If You Think It’s So Easy, Why Don’t You Have A Bash At Writing The Bleeding Code Yourself ?

The very worst technology cock-ups kill people. These dreadful mistakes are thankfully rare, but they do happen(*). Half a notch down, and a Premier League technology disaster can cause injury, large-scale physical damage (to objects rather than humans), or buggeration, … Continue reading

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Some History: Half a Century of Failure

Obviously, Dear Reader, you, along with everyone I’ve ever worked with or interviewed have never really screwed up a bit of software development. Oh no. You’re a professional. You don’t make mistakes. Like the Pope, or Mrs. Thatcher, or Stalin. … Continue reading

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